Custom Order

Custom Order

Ways to Customize

WOWpapers are created to customize in several different ways. Make your spaces say WOW while reducing paper waste.

Not Customized Wallpaper Installation

WOWpaper standard wall covering panels are 50" wide (you specify length based on wall surface height) with 1" of overlap for 48" installed width.

Depicted is a 12'-8" x 9'-4" wall covered in a Standard print size, (Large scale shown), standard 48” paper width after being trimmed on site.

That 40” of waste paper could’ve been used by the printer to print smaller rolls and samples.

Reduce Paper Waste: Customized Mural

Panels can be printed with more than 50" of pigment exposed. We can keep the pattern the same size while printing on a wider width of paper.

Depicted is the same wall with variable width panel sizes. Notice the pattern fills the wall exactly the same as above but without the 40" of wasted paper.

Some waste is inherent in the overlap between panels but there are fewer panels and no large waste at the edges.

Provide accurate measurements and or a CAD drawing.

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