About WOW

About WOW

Change the Scale.
Change the Vibe.
Mix + Match = WOW!

An interior + lighting designer's vision of pattern through photography.

"Changing the scale of the print has given me such a deeper appreciation of color. As a lighting designer I'm just thrilled to see so much depth in a 2-dimensional product."

WOWpapers bring rhythm + visual texture to the surfaces they transform.

WOWpapers are offered in four standard sizes pre-selected for you, Large, Medium, Small and a micro-print Extra Small.

If you're a designer or are working with one, please ask for custom size prints or to re-orient the directional quality. Julien WOW has a long history working with other design professionals to create customized products. The LRG, MED, SM, XS sizes are a starting point but we can end anywhere you need to go!

Please reach out about creating a custom pattern or series of patterns specifically for your job.

How to WOW:
- Full range of standards for quick shipping
- Highly customizable
- Short lead times for custom jobs

Perfect for Hospitality, Retail, Residential, events, photo-shoots, et cetera.

Julien WOW

WOWpapers started as a personal project for designer Julien Aleksandres (Julien WOW). In addition to being an interior and lighting designer he’s an avid photographer. “I photograph EVERYTHING” as Julien says, "and with every type of camera."

Images of light and lighting – shadows, reflections, refractions, etc. – were the impetus to create unique, luminous patterns Julien used to decorate his Brooklyn pad. With other designers’ and artist friends’ feedback a whole line developed into a brand. While showing paper and fabric samples Julien heard people say, “WOW!” over and over again.

Since they’re not just for walls or ceilings – WOW became the name.

WOW is a fresh wallpaper experience like nothing else. Julien's personalised service will impress you just as much as the fabulous patterns.

Designed in Brooklyn, NYC. Printed in the United States.

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